EasySlim is the newest, most powerful, non-invasive body contouring and skin rejuvenation system on the market and the only company that guarantees results.  With EasySlim, you are not getting a mediocre fat loss statement or product. We offer a 2” fat loss guarantee or your first session is free. We understand that you have many choices in fat loss these days; some with invasive procedures and some without. However, EasySlim is the only product that allows the customer so see visible results in as little as an hour.  EasySlim is unique to the industry as it allows the customer to see immediate and real results without surgery, anesthesia, pain, scars or downtime. 


Technology and Benefits

The Technology

Red Light Therapy has been used in the United States for over 40 years. NASA was the first to use the benefits of Red Light Therapy on its Astronauts before, during and after space travel. Since then, the technology has continued to develop and in 2001, made advancements and discoveries that would then identify the light as a source for providing fat loss and skin rejuvenation to the public.

At that time it was demonstrated that 8mW 635nm laser, held close to the skin, would penetrate the skin and emulsify subcutaneous fat cells. Within the last decade, it was proven that LED Red Light could produce the same results, but on a much more vast scale and without the potential dangers of Laser Therapy.

The Benefits

  • Emulsifies Fat
  • Reduces Fine Lines, Age Spots and Wrinkles
  • Enhances the Production of Collagen and Elastin
  • Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite
  • Reduces the Appearances of Scars
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Less Expensive than Invasive Procedures
  • No Pain
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Better and Faster Results

Competitive Data

Everyone knows that there are many choices in ridding the body of fat. However, not all are safe nor effective. Red Light Therapy is safe and can be seen as a Red Light Fat Loss or as an Alternative Fat Loss method to Laser Fat Loss Therapy (Zerona) and Liposuction.  Not only does our Red Light LED Fat Loss Therapy rid your body of Fat, but it will Slim, Tone and Tighten the body in the form of a Body Contouring Method that is non-invasive nor harming to the body in any way.

Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The modulated red LED light penetrates the skin and activates the mitochondria within the nucleus of the fat cell to create a transitory pore in the cell membrane allowing the contents within, fatty acids and triglycerides, to empty into the body. These fatty acids and triglycerides are then disposed of by the body in 2 ways:

1.  Through the lymphatic system and processed by the liver as part of the body’s normal function and expelled through sweat, urination or stool.

2. The body has just released the fatty acids & triglycerides from the fat cell to be used as energy.

Even though immediate results are seen, the fat cell remains open for 48 to 72 hours after the pore has been created, thus allowing remaining fatty acids & triglycerides to be expelled from the cell. This means that your initial loss of inches is not a true calculation of the total loss from the treatment. They improve!!

Are there other benefits from this LED Red Light Therapy?

Yes. LED Red Light Therapy has been identified to treat many different conditions. However, the ones specifically modulated for in this therapy are Emulsifying Fat, Boosting Collagen and Elastin which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and Generates Cellular Activity that helps diminish the appearance of age spots and sun damage.

How can I maximize my results?

  1. Hydration – it is vitally important to remain hydrated during the treatment process in order to allow the body to flush the lymphatic system of the newly released fat. Clients should consume a minimum of 64oz, and up to 128oz of water per day. It is also recommended that alcohol consumption is kept to a minimum as this causes severe dehydration of the body and adds approximately 100 to 300 calories to your daily caloric intake.
  2. Food Consumption – There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. The average metabolic rate for a man is 2500 calories per day and 1500 calories for a women. This means that your daily caloric intake, in order to not gain weight, should not be more than 2500 calories for a man and 1500 calories for a women. In order to lose a pound a week, one would have to have a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day. Or, utilize the benefits of EasySlim to liberate the fat cell of its fatty acids & triglycerides to be used as additional energy throughout the day.
  3. Exercise – to enhance the consumption/burning  of the fatty acids and triglyceride released from the fat cell, we strongly recommend 30 minutes of light to moderate activity per day while going through the treatment phase. This activity should be completed within 3 to 4 hours of each treatment. During the exercise, it is important to remain hydrated.
  4. Supplements – Taking a liver detoxifying supplement and a vasodilator supplement is highly recommended  as these two components helps the body process and expel the fat from the body and a faster rate.
  5. STICK TO THE PROGRAM AND PROTOCALS PROVIDED – Do not miss appointments. Recommended treatment frequency varies between 1 and 3 times per week depending on body type and fat loss goals.

Is it safe?

Yes. The light only acts on the fat cell. No surrounding tissue, cells or blood vessels are harmed. There has been no recorded reports where anyone has ever experienced and adverse side effect from this therapy. Because the therapy requires a healthy and strong liver to expel the fat from the body, clients who are pregnant, are diabetic, are under 18 years of age or have had cancer,  kidney or liver issues within the last year are not eligible for treatment.

Does it hurt?

No. The process is non-invasive and completely pain free. You will be warm during the process and most clients find this to be a pleasant relaxing experience.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you do not lose 2” or more during the first treatment, then the treatment is free.  This guarantee does not apply if purchased through Groupon or if you are a size 4 or less for a women and are a size 34 or less for a man.

How long will it last?

The results can last forever, but any company that claims that fat loss is permanent is “NOT TELLING THE TRUTH”. This technology is releasing the contents of the fat cell through a natural activity within the body. These fat cells are drained and emptied, but will only remain empty based on your caloric intake verses your caloric burn. It is recommended that a healthy nutrition plan and exercise regimen be adopted for permanent results.


After having a baby it was really hard for me to lose the cellulite on my thighs, after just a few treatments I started to see amazing results.  Now I can wear a bathing suit again and I feel more confident!

Nancy Myer, Indianapolis, IN

I never thought I would lose  my love handles, but EasySlim changed that for me.  Try it, you will be glad you did!

Christine Wells, Indianapolis, IN

In less than two months with Easy Slim, I’ve lost more than 30″ that I couldn’t lose with diet & exercise alone.  My clothes are fitting better & I’m feeling better about myself overall thanks to Easy Slim.

Mary M, Indianapolis, IN

“TWO INCH LOSS GUARANTEE WITH YOUR FIRST TREATMENT OR IT’S FREE”  First treatment includes consultation, full body treatment, vibration session and pre\post treatment measurements.  

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